Champions League

Already down to the wire, things are really beginning to heat up so get ready, for the most exciting football competition of the year is about to begin! The 2016/17 Champions League is setting out to be as exciting as it gets, and football fans all over the world are already nervously hoping that this time they'll get to see their favourite team declare victory.

Champions League Final: Principality Stadium, Cardiff

With the Champions League 2017 Final already decided to take place in Wales' Principality Stadium, due to the sheer importance of the event, we at StubHub have departed from our usual style of maps and will be aiming to replicate the official sections offered (hence Cat 1, Cat 2, etc). Of course with under a year still to go, the map's sections are sure to vary a little so if you're a stickler for location, we advise you to wait a little (though don't wait too long as you may end up without). For now, let's have a look what you can expect from each category:

    • Cat 1
      In past matches, Cat 1 has usually been where you'll find the best seats in the stadium, boasting the best views, making these tickets the most premium of what's on offer. Take special note of some of the listing descriptions, as you may come across certain tickets offering hotel packages and hospitality packages.


    • Cat 2
      Last year's San Siro saw Cat 2 tickets situated in the corners of the stadium, allowing for truly stellar views of the whole pitch. With Cardiff currently offering So if you want a reasonably good view, but can't quite afford the premium pricepoints of Cat 1, Cat 2 is definately the way to go.


    • Cat 3
      Situated on the shortside tiers, Cat 3 tickets tend to be relatively cheaper, just keep in mind that you'll be situated on either the North or South side, you may also have to be on the look out for tickets with restricted view.


  • Cat 4
    The most budget category of tickets, Cat 4 may not have the premium views of Cat 1 or Cat 2, but you're sure to have an amazing experience just the same. Last year's San Siro saw Cat 4 seats sandwiched between Cat 3 seats, where as past matches in the Principality Stadium has simply seen them placed further back. As is the case with Cat 3 tickets you'll most likely be in the shortside tiers, so be on the lookout for details regarding restricted view.

Let's face it, you're going to want to get your hands on some Champions League tickets if you want to see your team in action, so hurry up and get hold of Champions League tickets here and now! Make your dream come true with StubHub.

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